Bill #1: The Cost of Drinking

Drinking Costs More Than Just $$

Drinking is not only damaging your income, but damaging you as a person.  Walking out of a bar with a $75 bar bill hurts your bottom line and devastates your ability to save money for important things.  The $75 you lose from 5 beers and 2 rounds of shots is meek in comparison to the amount of time you’re waste away.

Most states have a minimum wage around $15 and since you’re spending an average of 5 hours at a bar that’s $75 you could have earned.  You could walk away that night with $150 if you think about it.

On the other hand if you’re a business owner then you have probably (if you know what you’re doing) set yourself up with a timeline of income producing activities.

  • Checking Social Media = $0 per hour
  • Emailing = $10 per hour
  • Prospecting = $100 per hour
  • Teaching Others to Prospect = $1000 per hour

Think about spending that 5 hours just prospecting for your business.  That’s a cool $500 easy, but you have to deal with the delayed gratification.  Many short sided people can’t deal with that delay.

Your Task:

Leave the 1 hour early and research on how to build a business.  Watch this video for pointers.

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