Bill #1: The Cost of Drinking

Drinking Costs More Than Just $$

Drinking is not only damaging your income, but damaging you as a person.  Walking out of a bar with a $75 bar bill hurts your bottom line and devastates your ability to save money for important things.  The $75 you lose from 5 beers and 2 rounds of shots is meek in comparison to the amount of time you’re waste away.

Most states have a minimum wage around $15 and since you’re spending an average of 5 hours at a bar that’s $75 you could have earned.  You could walk away that night with $150 if you think about it.

On the other hand if you’re a business owner then you have probably (if you know what you’re doing) set yourself up with a timeline of income producing activities.

  • Checking Social Media = $0 per hour
  • Emailing = $10 per hour
  • Prospecting = $100 per hour
  • Teaching Others to Prospect = $1000 per hour

Think about spending that 5 hours just prospecting for your business.  That’s a cool $500 easy, but you have to deal with the delayed gratification.  Many short sided people can’t deal with that delay.

Your Task:

Leave the 1 hour early and research on how to build a business.  Watch this video for pointers.

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Bar Bill…

What does that exactly mean?

I’m sure you’re wondering if we’re talking about the “Bar Bill” referring the check you get after a long night of drinking.

If that was your guess… You couldn’t be more wrong.

We’ll be talking about how those long nights drinking at the bar hinder your success and what you can do about it to turn your life around.

We’ll call these “Bills” meaning “Rules”